Nyeeam Hudson has captured global and national celebrity attention and audiences. “The International Motivational Speaker” is one of “12 kids who rocked the world in 2016” according to the Huffington Post and Forbes would like for you to “Meet the most motivational kid in America.” Nyeeam has been interviewed and has appeared on countless media platforms, including Good Morning America (ABC-NY). Nyeeam Hudson has written his first book ‘We Are All Kings’ – A Motivational Guide for Parents. He shares his journey to encourage young boys to believe in themselves as kings of greatness. “Expose your child to a broad spectrum of experiences. Let them explore and tap into their greatness – every moment counts!” – Nyeeam Hudson

@essyncecouturellc has a big career ahead of her. The 15-year-old has already written three books. Not only is she a teen author, she is an accomplished one, with all three of her books considered must reading at several school districts, including the Hillside, New Jersey School District, Brooklyn, New York Charter Schools and Orange, New Jersey School District. According to BlackNews.com, her first release was in 2015 with 6th Grade Middle School Chronicles. It ended up being a tope seller on Amazon, as did her other two books: 7th Grade Middle School Chronicles and 8th Grade Middle School Chronicles. The books are designed to be used to prepare students for middle school, assist with self-esteem, bullying, how to handle certain situations with teachers/friends and encourage young people to live their dreams now. Moore is an amazing young lady with aspirations of improving the world. #kingnahh

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