There was a little boy in a foster home. He used to smell his teddy bear because it reminded him of how his real home used to smell. This little boy was in six different foster homes. He never knew his father. He didn’t know how to read until he was 17-years old. No one ever told him to pick his head up. No one ever told him how special he was. No one ever hugged him. He never heard the word ‘love.’ Believe it or not, none of this ever broke him.
He had a powerful imagination. He used to leave all of his pain behind and just daydream. He was very creative, but no one understood his creativity. They said he was ‘retarded.’ They said he had ADHD.

They gave him pills that were supposed to help him communicate, and be a regular kid. These are just small details of things that happened to this little boy.I’m so happy that little boy never gave up because that little boy is now my father. The same father that’s been raising me all my life. The same father that tells me he loves me every day. The same father that tells me how strong I am. The same father that tells me to keep my head up. The same father that homeschools me.

The same father that travels the world with me.
If that little boy had given up, my father wouldn’t be here, and without my father, I wouldn’t be here. We spend a lot of time together and appreciate one another. He lets me be free. He believes in me. So when you guys see a confident 12-year-old on stage with his head up motivating the world, I want you to know where I get that confidence from. All my father’s pain made him strong and he passed that strength to me.
Never give up. There is always someone depending on your strength.

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